Armenian Street SunYatSen
Armenian Street SunYatSen

Armenian Street SunYatSen

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Art print created from an original watercolour painting by Lorongandlane.

            This  late 19th century house has an extraordinary historical link to Sun Yat Sen’s  life in Penang in the 1910s. Sun Yat Sen, one of the leaders of modern China, set up reading clubs across Singapore and Malaysia. This house was one such reading clubs. Today, it is known as Sun Yat Sen Museum and the attractive façade is restored with green walls, peranakan wall tiles and ‘chien-nien’ porcelain cuts forming birds and flowers.

            Shop House: Southern Chinese Eclectic 1840-1910
            Off-white watercolour paper
            Digital printing
            No frame, matboard and watermark
            Ships flat with backing board and protective sleeve


            Also available in Postcard 1 and Postcard 2

            Armenian Street SunYatSen