Jalan Besar Papan
Jalan Besar Papan

Jalan Besar Papan

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Art print created from an original watercolour painting by Lorongandlane.

            This old residence is found in Papan old town, which is a one-street town lined on both sides shop houses. This area is well known for the historical residence of war-heroine Sybil Kathigasu, an Eurasian of Irish-Indian extraction, who received the George Medal for Gallantry, the second level civil decoration of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth in 1948.

            This shop house facade were designed as gothic-styled arches on the upper floor with timber partitions on the lower creating quite a unique combination unlike the shophouses in Penang.

            Shop House: Early Straits Eclectic 1890-1920
            Off-white watercolour paper
            Digital printing
            No frame, matboard and watermark
            Ships flat with backing board and protective sleeve
            Jalan Besar Papan